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Live Stream; Video Conference

Make a Livestream and Video Conference with PowerEgg X!

The PowerEgg X now supports both livestreaming and video conferencing in multiple user modes. Read on to discover what these new features are and how they work.

The PowerEgg X is an award-winning AI drone that has completely redefined what a drone can do — and it’s done it again. The team at PowerVision has turned their heads to livestreaming and video conferencing, introducing these brand-new features alongside the new 2.1.2 update. Let’s jump straight in and take a look at what’s new!

Video Conferencing with PowerEgg X.

Livestreaming with PowerEgg X

Let’s face it — sometimes we are all just itching to share that one special aerial moment with our friends, family, or fans — and what better way to do it than doing it live? Livestreaming connects you to your audience directly, getting rid of time-consuming editing, post-production, and all the hassle that comes with the process. Not to mention, sharing footage in real-time can be great for keeping your friends updated on your special trip or even for capturing a special moment with your social media fans. Livestreaming is special, it opens up a whole new element to content creation, and it delivers an aerial drone experience like no other.

Drone Mode

Immersive Experience

Livestreaming can now be used on PowerEgg X directly through the drone mode. You can share real-time drone footage on mainstream livestreaming platforms without any hassle from third-party apps. But that’s not all either. PowerEgg X features a 4K/60fps camera, 3-axis gimbal, and incredibly stable flight, which provide a stunning perspective of your environment. Reach the top of the mountain, journey beyond the horizon, and take your audience every step of the way.

Live Streaming with PowerEgg X in drone mode.

SyncVoice Sound Recording

With the PowerEgg X SyncVoice feature, you can capture crystal-clear audio remotely, which delivers an incredibly immersive experience for your audience. Whether you’re recording the sunset while birds chirp away in the distance or capturing a majestic waterfall crashing down on the rock bed below, SyncVoice delivers an epic, immersive livestream like no other.

AI Camera Mode

Smart AI

While PowerEgg X’s Drone Mode offers an immersive livestream experience, there’s another feature that takes your livestreaming to new heights. PowerEgg X features Smart AI, which combines hand gesture controls and facial recognition — and now, they can be both be used while livestreaming!

Say goodbye to awkward livestreams where the viewer on the other side has to watch you play around with the buttons close to the screen. Now you start your livestream of an incredible aerial shot with a single hand gesture, which means you no longer have to waste time messing around with physical buttons close to the recording screen.

What about when if you don’t have the luxury of livestreaming in a completely empty scene? With PowerEgg X’s Smart AI facial recognition technology, the drone can easily track and recognize you in crowded environments. That means you can truly immerse yourself in the scene while PowerEgg X does all the hard work to keep you in the frame. It’s pretty much like having an entire filming crew with you, except in this case, it’s a foldable, portable drone. Happy days.


The new PowerEgg X livestreaming mode supports YouTube, Periscope, and Tik Tok. To livestream on Tik Tok, users require more than 1000 fans.

The most versatile drone, PowerEgg X acting as an AI camera for your vitual conference.

Video Conferencing with PowerEgg X

PowerEgg X not only supports livestreaming while you’re flying the AI drone but it now also supports video conferencing in both hand-held and AI camera mode. Let’s take a look at how this all works.

HD Video Conferencing

We’ve all been there — you have an important videoconference to make, and when you finally get connected, the video quality looks like it was filmed on a potato. With the PowerEgg X, you never have to worry about video quality ever again. The smart AI drone features 720P and 1080P video conferencing options, which provides you with better quality than many consumer laptops on the market.

Wider Perspective

PowerEgg X also features a 170̊ auto-tracking angle along with a 3-axis motorized gimbal, which gives you a wide perspective to showcase to your audience. Whether you’re video conferencing at work, at home, or in the great outdoors, PowerEgg X provides the perfect backdrop to keep things pro.

Smart AI

Hand gesture controls and AI facial recognition make video conferencing a walk in the park. PowerEgg X enables users to start a video conference without the need to press a single button. Just image it — you can set up and start your meetings professionally behind the camera without having to get up, press start, move back to your seat, and start talking. It’s called Smart AI for a reason.

PowerEgg X also features facial recognition, which means you will always be tracked and in focus during a video conference, even if you are in the same room with multiple people. Gone are the days of boring, static video conferences. Say hello to a new dynamic video conference experience today.


The new PowerEgg X video conferencing mode supports Zoom, Skype, DingTalk, Tencent Meeting, and more, for both Windows and Mac systems.


The PowerEgg X is an incredible AI drone that continues to push the boundaries of possibilities. In addition to a 4K/60fps camera, Smart AI, 3-axis motorized gimbal, and more, the PowerEgg X now adds immersive livestreaming and professional video conferencing to the list. PowerEgg X offers everything you need to work hard and play hard — all inside of an egg-shaped drone that’s foldable, portable, and goes everywhere you go. Check it out today.