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PowerVision launches PowerDolphin

PowerDolphin running above water at a speed that is up to 4.5m/s.

San Mateo CA: On January 9th, 2018, PowerVision is debuting a water robotic boat named PowerDolphin at CES Las Vegas 2018. The water robot is capable of capturing 4K photography and video, its equipped with intelligent fishing functions, also water search and rescue features. This product is the follow up to the highly successful PowerRay that launched last year at CES 2017 and took home the best of CES award.

Wally Zheng, the founder, and CEO of PowerVision said: “The PowerDolphin is a new lifestyle robot that is not only suitable for water sports, photography, fishing and other enthusiasts or rescue and scientific researchers, but also provides a new perspective of life to adventurous people. “

Equipped with a 215 ° dual joint rotation camera to achieve out of water and underwater photography and video. PowerDolphin’s front nose is equipped with a unique dual-joint rotation camera, the lens angle is up to 132 degrees. By rotating the camera, it can also shoot above-water images as well as underwater shots. Whether it is thrilling water sports, an exciting bait dropping process, or the magnificent sea scenery below, all can be glanced at from the first-person view perspective.

PowerDolphin supports 4K @30fps high-definition video with an ultra-long-range wireless 1080P image transmission in real-time to our multi-product dedicated APP Vision+. It is worth mentioning that, in order to provide better shooting results, PowerVision provides user-friendly product design both in hardware and software. On the hardware front, this dual-joint rotation camera is also equipped with adjustable front lights, side by side with the camera, which rotates together. The front light feature optimizes the shooting experience in different water conditions. Thru our software development, users can click on the Vision+ button to achieve a flip camera preview and recording Interface, thus ensuring the camera rotated more than 90 °.

In addition to its powerful imaging ability, PowerDolphin provides applications for intelligent fishing. Through external mounting equipment, it can find fish, lure fish and perform troll fishing. The PowerSeeker intelligent fish finder can be used to enhance the ability to find fish with real-time detection within 131 ft. underwater to help anglers accurately determine fishing spots. Equipped with an intelligent sonar device and GPS waypoint function, drawing underwater topographic maps has never been so easy.

PowerDolphin when fully charged can provide up to 2 hours of battery life which can be removed from the platform and recharged. In addition, PowerDolphin provides users with a water touch switch, manual cell phone control, return home feature, and micro SD card replacement capabilities, but also has anti-flip over design and many other useful features.