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Charge, Stabilize, and Stand On Demand with PowerVision S1

Smartphones have evolved to be a compact digital powerhouse. Over the years, it has made the voice recorder, point-and-shoot camera, and telephone nearly obsolete. Applications have expanded the functionalities of this little device to have the ability to scan documents clearly, measure various items, etc. Looking to power up a mobile device’s functionalities even further? Check out this game-changing innovation from PowerVision! It offers an all-in-one solution solving stabilization, charging, stand, and protection needs in a compact format.

PowerVision will be available for pre-order via Indiegogo and early backers will get access to exclusive rates.

Shoot Like A Pro
Be it live streaming, vlogging, con or capturing valuable memories in a concert or sporting event, PowerVision has it all covered with its extensive photo and video functionalities. This all-in-one solution utilizes the smallest micro 3-Axis mobile phone stabilizer in the world. This means no shakes, no blurs, just perfection. For those who are a one-man team, never worry about being out of frame again with the PowerFollow feature. This nifty device also allows users to enable gesture control to signal when to start, stop, pause & capture. PowerVision S1 is also compatible with live streaming, video conferencing, and social apps. Welcome to a world of perfectly-focused imagery on the demand. PowerVision S1 is the perfect companion of smartphones.
Mini but powerful
The PowerVision Team was inspired to develop this product as “Mobile phones have become a modern day essential and are portals for self-expression, advertising, and convenience. The development of these devices have been significant throughout the years and is the reason why some devices are now classified obsolete. We thought about contributing to the improvements by creating an all-in-one solution for every device.”

Stay 100%
PowerVision includes a built-in powerbank with passthrough wireless charging. Say goodbye to frustrating wires and welcome the extended battery life into your life! No need to keep an eye on the device as it seamlessly sticks in place with its innovative magnetic connection feature.

A Custom Experience
PowerVision provides a complete system of mounting accessories, which provides stability and easy access anywhere and anytime. Accessories include a phone case adapter, basic adapter, phone clamp, stick-anywhere mount, car mount, and tripod.

Feature Highlights

●Works with all mobile devices
●Passthrough wireless charging
●Incredibly lightweight
●Anti-shake stabilization
●Compatible with an array of mounting accessories
●Works with livestreaming & social apps

About PowerVision
The PowerVision Group was founded in 2009 and is a company with a clear mission to innovate the future. It pushes the boundaries of possibilities, with the aim to change the world through innovative artificial intelligence. At the heart of the company is a corporate culture that prides itself on continuous learning, innovation, and technological excellence. PowerVision is the only company in the world producing aerial, water-surface, and underwater robotic devices.

For more information, go to: to join in the wait-list. You can order it on Indiegogo from June 2d.