PowerVision Pack

PowerVision Pack

Design Features

This curved full package design is integrated with hot press molding to support the full curved packaged form. This process creates a stable storage area for the PowerVision PowerEgg drone which is far different than soft cloth travel bags. Simple Rugged and still stylish and elegant.

Material Features

PowerVision Travel pack is made with EVA high resilience flannelette to effectively support the travel pack structure form. This material prevents extrusion, impact resistance, deform situations and will effectively protect all items store in the pack.

Side Panel Features

With a unique poly side design and dark color highlight Lycra fabric the combination creates a high resilience and anti-extrusion resistance to impact and pressure from both sides of the travel pack. It creates an aesthetic sense of stereoscopic structural space.

Zipper Design

The independent side storage space can support separate storage space for a 15” laptop and tablet. Our customized waterproof zipper which has been tested thoroughly provides the open space with all-weather protection making it most effective in rainy conditions.

Travel Pack back design

The back paneling of the travel pack uses ergonomic design which matches the users back for stress in carrying heavy objects in the pack. We have selected a skin friendly mesh fabric tailoring design to enable the travel pack with great breathability and comfort. All these materials create a great experience for outdoor use, business trips, sport activity’s or for travel all around comfort.

Travel Pack Straps

The travel pack straps are equipped with an integrated wide structure which conforms to body lines that evenly distribute the carrying pressure with more comfort. We have added double buckles that can be self-adjusted for tightness and flexibility and can extend to adapt to different heights and weight.