4K UHD Camera

PowerEgg's integrated CMOS sensor and ultra-high-definition camera can shoot 4K aerial video and 12 million-pixel still photos. It has up to 60Mbps video storage and can shoot 10 continuous photos. PowerEgg captures more clearly and vivid pictures.

3-axis Gimbal

PowerEgg is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal, delivering stabilized 4K aerial views with an immersive “spherical” experience.

Panoramic 360° Views

PowerEgg's legs are automatically folded after taking off to obtain a 360° panoramic view. You can easily capture any images you want.

Unique Safe Flight System

At any time, push pause button and PowerEgg will pause and maintain its current position. The pause button freezes aircraft mid-air like an emergency brake for improved safety.

Safe User Distance

During flight, PowerEgg will maintain a minimum safe distance from the remote controller, providing additional protection to you. (Safety radius)

Smart Maximum Distance Mode

A maximum flight distance can be pre-set on Vision+ app, forming a safe flight zone to reduce risk due to any user control error.

Flight Mode

  • PowerEgg will orbit around a pre-set center target point at desired distance and speed.

  • Pre-set cable cam points on the map to fly aircraft along the pre-planned flying path.

  • The GPS function in each remote controller communicates with PowerEgg and calculates the distance from the aircraft, allowing the follow-me mode between the aircraft and you at a speed and distance with precision.

Vision+ App

With the various flight control functions and tutorials, the PowerEgg app makes it super easy to fly. PowerEgg lets you capture the special moments everywhere you go and share them on social media. PowerEgg products are backed by online technical support and customer services.