Fly further and see clearer
8k 34min
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8K UHD Video

48 Megapixel UHD Photos

Higher Definition and more details

The camera module uses a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor to capture 48 megapixels photos, 8K UHD videos, all with 2x lossless zoom. Now you can capture every stunning detail.
34-minute* flight time

Extended flight distance

Improved flight experience

PowerEgg X 8K has systematically optimized its propellers, ESC, and the entire system, to fully enhance its flying efficiency. Supporting up to 34-minute* flight time , you can fly further to capture spectacular views.
*Tested in a windless environment and flying at a constant speed
34min egg egg
12km FHD image transmission**

Break through the limit of space

Extend your vision further

Based on the most advanced digital image transmission technology, PowerEgg X 8K supports dual-band communication (2.4/5.8GHz), interference detection and avoidance, dynamic frequency switching, anti-disturbance, and real-time FHD image transmission with a max transmission distance of 12 kilometers**
**Tested by the FCC standard without any external disturbance. The actual distance varies with environmental interference and power limits. Chinese mainland adopts the SRRC standard, with the maximum transmission distance up to 8km.
Resists wind up to a near gale (level 7 on Beaufort scale)
Operates in adverse weather conditions Stable flight for optimal performance
Benefited from the design of a strong and sufficient power system, PowerEgg X 8K is highly dynamic, able to withstand a wind up to Beaufort Scale 7 and keep on working well in adverse weather conditions.
Intelligent obstacle avoidance

Simplifies complex operations

Enhanced flight safety

Using forward and downward stereo vision sensors, the drone can detect the environment, which improvess the safety and stability of flight. Together with intelligent flight planning through waypoints users can fly reliable, repeatable missions.
Brand new landing light
Precision landing Reliable aerial tool, with auto return to home
The new supplementary landing light automatically triggers in low light conditions to securely take off and land. This system works with the downward stereo vision sensors for reliable, precise missions even in complex environments.
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