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About Us


The PowerVision Group, founded in 2009, headquartered in Beijing, is a company with a clear mission to innovate the future. PowerVision pushes the boundaries of possibilities, with the aim to change the world through innovative artificial intelligence. At the heart of the company is a corporate culture that prides itself on continuous learning, innovation, and technological excellence.
Since its establishment in 2009, PowerVision has continued to push the frontiers of cutting-edge research, development, and design. In addition to improving core company technology, PowerVision has revolutionized industry research and development.
At present, PowerVision is the only company in the world producing aerial, water-surface, and underwater robotic devices, as well as the only robotic company to achieve mass production of underwater AI robotic devices. PowerVision has acquired nearly 1000 independent intellectual property rights in the form of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, including nearly 400 core technology invention patents.
PowerVision is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services of industrial UAVs, consumer UAVs, and water-surface and underwater robotic devices. At present, PowerVision operates in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou), the United States (Silicon Valley), Finland (Helsinki), and Japan (Tokyo). PowerVision also fully owns 14 subsidiaries, located in China (Beijing and Suzhou), Finland (Helsinki and Tampere), United States (El Paso), Japan (Tokyo), Hong Kong, and Singapore. PowerVision has a sales network that spans more than 90 countries worldwide.
PowerVision believes in the concept of independent innovation, which can be seen across all of its product lines. The first egg-shaped drone (PowerEgg), underwater drone (PowerRay), water-surface drone (PowerDolphin), intelligent fish-finding drone (PowerSeeker), and the world’s first full-platform AI camera (PowerEgg X) are all inspired by PowerVision’s concept of independent innovation.
Technical Advantages
PowerVision focuses on independent research, development, and innovation for UAV and underwater drones. It established a technology research and development system and intellectual property management system that is oriented to the global market. Its research and development team includes nearly 200 people, covering locations in China, Finland, and other areas. All of PowerVision’s core technologies are developed independently.
PowerVision continues to produce products that redefine the artificial intelligence and miniaturization industries. It integrates intelligent sensor technology, visual SLAM technology, navigation technology, high-precision mapping technology, path planning technology, and autonomous flight control technology all on a single processor platform. PowerVision also develops integrated face detection, gesture recognition, pedestrian recognition, and other AI algorithms to make more intelligent products.
Industry Position
PowerVision is the global leader with the highest global market share in underwater and water-surface robotics. At present, PowerVision’s mass production has exceeded 20,000 units, and it is the only company in the world to successfully achieve full-scale mass production. PowerVision has continuously expanded into new global markets, including aquaculture, search and rescue, underwater terrain mapping, fishing, and other consumer markets.
With leading research and development, developed industry chains, core technology, and intellectual property rights, PowerVision has cemented itself among the global leaders in the consumer and enterprise drone market.