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PowerVision True Unmanned Aerial Solution

Move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Powered by AI

Combining the PowerVision Dock, PowerEgg X 8K drone and PoweVision Cloud, this solution addresses longstanding issues with local, manned missions – limited working range, complex operations and training that are hard to scale.This weatherized system means a drone can be installed in any environment for any industry, and be able to be deployed in seconds, even from the other side of the world.

Autonomous flight that is truly uncrewed

Using PowerVision’s robust AI vision system and robust flight control algorithm, the PowerEgg X 8K can autonomously take off and land without any human control.

Remote missions and intelligent charging, all while unattended

Autonomous patrols or inspections can be preset and scheduled remotely. The PowerEgg X 8K will then be deployed and charged on schedule, allowing for a truly unmanned management of powerlines, construction sites or other facilities.

The PowerVision Dock brings the drone back up to full battery in just 90 minutes, allowing you to perform 5 tasks a day. Scaling your ability to digitize your operations.

Product features
Lightweight Deployment
Autonomous Takeoff for Mission Execution
Autonomous Inspection and Charging

The most compact unmanned aerial solution rapidly deployed by a single person.

A compact design allows the entire solution to be rapidly deployed by a single person, without special tools or equipment. The whole system is 570×400×250 mm and weighs just 15.8 kg.
Can cover a 5km radius area, or larger with a network of systems
Looking to manage a large infrastructure corridor? No problem. A single docked system can cover a 5km radius area, and many PowerVision systems can be installed across an entire infrastructure network to cover an area of any size. Critical for long-distance powerline inspections, forest protection and more.
IP55 weather resistant and temperature controlled
Tough and ready to be installed for prolonged, outdoor use. Can operate in ambient temperatures between -4F ~ 113F. Intelligent system monitors real-time temperatures, precipitation and wind to optimize for operational safety.
Adaptable, Upgradeable and Configurable to meet the highest demands
RTK high-precision navigation and positioning system
Onboard RTK system provides centimeter-level positioning accuracy,improving the data quality for inspection and mapping missions., Adds improved reliability in environments with high electromagnetic interference, such as a substation or construction site.
Connected or Independent Energy Sources
Connect the Dock to the energy grid or to solar panels for more remote operations. With just one day of sunlight, the solution can operate for 7 days.
Distributed Communication System for Extended Range
Additional transmission antennas can be installed on fixed assets or along an infrastructure project to overcome signal interference in complex areas. This is critical for complex areas with many steel or high-energy objects.
Powerline inspection
Smart city management
Park security and protection
GIS, surveying and mapping
Environmental compliance
Oil and gas pipeline
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